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Migrate your Power workloads now

If your company relies on mission-critical applications that run on AIX, IBM i, or Linux on IBM Power Systems in the data center, you may only consider moving these traditional workloads into the cloud when faced with a compelling event.

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TCM Living Case Study: Cloud-based DR with Skytap on Azure

With no easy recovery option for a business-critical legacy ERP system running on outdated IBM Power hardware, TCM Living faced the risk of significant disruption in the event of a disaster recovery (DR) scenario. Working with Northdoor, the company has successfully created a native DR instance within Skytap on the Azure cloud, facilitating rapid recovery without the need for ongoing investments in new on-premises hardware.

Get cloud-scale value for IBM Power workloads

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Get cloud-scale value for IBM Power workloads: Introduction to Skytap on Azure

Adopting cloud transformation strategies and adjusting business operations can present challenges, such as transitioning investments in IBM Power-based workloads to the cloud without costly or lengthy refactoring efforts. With Skytap on Azure, organizations can gain cloud-scale benefits while modernizing mission-critical applications, with no rebuilding efforts, quickly and easily.


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Global Retailer, SPAR

Global retailer, SPAR, migrates to Skytap on Azure to ensure business continuity despite civil unrest. Thanks to the immediate response from cloud migration experts, SPAR’s 10 business-critical IBM i LPARs were quickly and remotely migrated to Skytap on Azure. Now SPAR can continue to modernize its workloads and advance its digital transformation strategy while saving costs.

Cloud migration myths and facts webinar

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Cloud Migration Myths and Facts

Much has been written and said about IBM Power and the journey to the cloud. Does it have to be complicated? Can it be done without refactoring? The answers to these cloud migration questions and others might surprise you. Watch our on-demand webinar.

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