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Training helps your organization accelerate product adoption, improve customer retention and increase profits. And when it comes to training, there is no substitute for hands-on learning because people learn best by doing. With Skytap Virtual IT Labs you can create virtual classrooms and high-performance labs to train your customers, partners, and employees.


Benefits of Skytap Virtual IT Labs

Expand your training offerings

Virtual training, delivered how you choose

Skytap makes it easy to create virtual classrooms and labs for technical education to suit almost any need with a single platform. You can offer virtual instructor-led or self-paced training with hands-on lab exercises for groups of any size. With Skytap, virtual classrooms can be provisioned in minutes without the need for IT support.

Reduce training costs

Reduce training costs with flexible, consumption-based pricing

Maintaining physical classrooms as well as labs and hardware for training is expensive and time consuming. With Skytap you can simultaneously reduce your support costs and scale your training resources to meet customer demand without investing in additional infrastructure or personnel.

Provide 24x7 training for anyone anywhere

Provide 24×7 training for anyone anywhere

Given the increasing costs (and restrictions) of travel, not to mention the finite capacity of facilities and instructor time, relying on in-person training and on-premise labs can make it difficult to meet the training needs of your customers. With Skytap, you can offer on-demand, global access to training content and high-performance virtual labs, so you can train customers wherever they are whenever it’s convenient for them.

Improve training management

Improve training management

Skytap provides operations staff and instructors comprehensive administrative tools for full visibility and control of classrooms, with over-the-shoulder access to lab environments for personalized instruction. Its support for the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard makes it easy to integrate with existing Learning Management Systems.

The Skytap Difference

  • Have a need for a complex lab environment? No problem. The more complex the environment, the better the fit Skytap is. It’s what sets us apart from virtual labs providers that are designed only for simple environments. Have a simple environment? Great, we help with that too.

  • Looking to support time-sensitive, on-demand virtual training? We’ve got you covered there too. Other virtual labs providers struggle to provision environments in seconds or minutes. Not Skytap, we can do that even with the most complex environments.

  • With Skytap, global availability and scalability are more than marketing buzzwords. Skytap has the ability to support concurrent VMs in the thousands from anywhere in the world. It’s why one of the biggest technology brands in the world relies on Skytap to deliver its events.

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