Multi-Attach Storage now Available in Skytap

Multi-Attach Storage is now available in Skytap! Multi-Attach Storage expands on Skytap’s general storage solution by adding the capability to decouple storage from an individual IBM i or AIX LPAR and allows it to be shared to multiple LPARs within the same Skytap environment. Our goal is to add functionality that will enable solutions using

Creditis Modernizes IBM Application Development with Kyndryl and Skytap on Azure

Creditis Financial Services, an intermediary specializing in providing consumer credit to private clients, is migrating its IBM application development environment to the cloud with Skytap on Azure as a part of its broader digital transformation strategy. The financial services company chose Skytap on Azure and Kyndryl to separate development and testing that was being provided by

Skytap CPTO Rahul Tripathi featured in article

At Skytap, our mission is to help businesses move and natively run their legacy systems in the public cloud with minimal change and effort. Rahul Tripathi, Skytap Chief Product and Technology Officer, spoke with about Skytap’s infrastructure-as-a-service offering, the unparalleled benefits of the cloud, and Skytap’s connected community. “Many managed service providers only lift

Skytap and AI: An IBM Power VM Data Use Case You Can Begin Using Today

Enterprise interest in AI has accelerated over the past year fueled by increased adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) technologies to support intelligent and efficient data analysis and decision making. And with data at the core of successful AI strategies, you can understand why legacy systems, and the vast data they contain, continue to enter the

Creating a Skytap on Azure account from the Azure Marketplace

Skytap on Azure is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This blog post, and this video, will help you navigate the process of creating an instance of the Skytap on Azure service and logging into the service for the first time. Before you start In order to subscribe to Skytap on Azure from the Marketplace,

How Skytap, templates, and cloning can jump-start your enterprise’s AI journey

There are two broad classifications of AI regarding who consumes it. Consumer AI and Enterprise AI. Consumer AI aids individuals. Everyone has heard about ChatGPT. Enterprise AI serves organizations by automating business processes and analyzing large, complex data sets, requiring a scalable architecture and seamless integration with existing systems.

IBM Power 8 End of Support – What does it mean for you?

As technology ages, it becomes increasingly costly to maintain and update. This is a very relatable scenario for anyone who uses technology. Take for example an 8-year-old iPad mini. Despite still being functional for basic tasks, it can no longer support the latest software and applications, and likely has slowing performance and shortened battery life.

Use your cloud migration to leave bad practices on-premises

Even when it’s a “lift-and-shift” of your legacy apps Changing environments in order to change behavior is widely studied as an effective approach, as intuitive as it seems. It makes sense then that changing the environment of your business IT operation from an on-premises datacenter to the cloud can serve as the catalyst for improving

Harnessing data in legacy systems for your GenAI strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its latest evolution Generative AI (GenAI) are not only the hottest buzzwords in technology, but also likely the most transformational value drivers for businesses and people. We felt the same way for technology evolutions in mobile, social and cloud, which are now mainstream in society and the workplace. Hence, every business

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