cloud migration questions

Two questions to ask before cloud migration

Noel WurstSkytap Product

It wasn’t long ago that many believed that public cloud’s benefits were largely limited to greenfield application development. New applications would be developed, tested, and deployed in the cloud, but, traditional applications—due to their size … Read More

AIX Migration

Five Enterprises Running AIX in the Cloud

Noel WurstSkytap Product

With support steadily growing for multi-cloud, the strategy of using the right cloud for the right workload, enterprises are increasingly turning their focus to specialized cloud providers that can support their unique needs. Simon Sharwood … Read More

AIX Environments

Why AIX Is Moving to the Cloud

Noel WurstSkytap Product

One reason that traditional applications have largely remained on-premises, while greenfield applications continue to be migrated to, and born in the cloud, is the technology they’ve run on for decades is tried and true. These … Read More