The Dev-Hops Podcast: There’s Only One Original

Jason English

You know an original when you try it. Here in Seattle, and all over the country, we’ve been searching for just the right ingredients to make each draft of Dev-Hops Podcast, since early 2015 or so. That’s years in Internet terms. No canned material will …

Skytap vApp VM Import and Nesting Feature

Automated vApp and Multi-VM Import = Big Time-to-Value Impact

Jason English

Let’s take this opportunity to highlight two new import features in Skytap EaaS that will likely make a huge impact on the productivity and time-to-value for every Skytap customer. Now you can directly import multiple VMs, or a complete virtual application stack directly into Skytap …


The DevHops Podcast Episode 4: Continuous Testing

Noel Wurst

Welcome to the fourth episode of the DevHops Podcast! This week we’re speaking with Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer Wayne Ariola about software quality and the emergence of continuous testing in the enterprise. Let’s get started—we hope you enjoy the show! Noel:  Hey, DevHops listeners. Just a quick tip that …