The Joys of Continuous Disruption at Skytap

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One of our collective goals for 2015 is to really up our hiring and recruiting efforts in every department here at Skytap. As a colleague wrote earlier this year, this office is brimming with creative, contagious energy, and with a fresh round of funding to close out 2014, we’re scaling on a personnel level right alongside the product we’re providing …


Open Source and Community Development is Good for Developers

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This is a guest contribution from Brian Mancini at FTI Consulting. FTI Consulting is one of Skytap’s awesome customers, and Brian is an avid proponent of open source software and its many benefits to the developer community as a whole! As a web developer, it’s difficult to avoid open source software (OSS) completely. The rise in popularity of platforms and …


Using OpenStack in Skytap

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Skytap recently published an OpenStack (DevStack) environment template in the Skytap Public Template Library. DevStack is a mechanism to provide tools for the installation of OpenStack services suitable for development and operational testing as well as to demonstrate examples of configuring and running services as well as command line client usage. You can read more about Devstack at this URL: …


Skytap Networking Open House: You’re Invited!

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Those who follow the skyrocketing growth of the tech scene here in Seattle know that our city is bursting with options for bright, creative, and passionate people who want to make a real impact in this industry. We’re lucky to be in such an inspiring and innovative city, but as those of us looking to land Seattle’s top talent know—the …


Consulting Initiative to Guide Enterprise Development and DevOps Adoption

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We’re thrilled to announce that David Frost has joined Skytap as our vice president of professional services and support. David will expand our professional service offerings to include a new consulting initiative to guide Enterprise development and IT organizations through the adoption of DevOps best practices. I had the chance to sit down with David to talk about this new …


Consumerization at its Finest: Virtual, Self-Paced Training

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Chalk up another win for Consumerization — and for anyone who has welcomed it into their business. Global access and full control over self-paced, virtual training isn’t the way of the future anymore. It’s here right now, and it’s what businesses expect out of learning programs. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really. We are in the consumerization age. And until you …

Skytap Whitepaper Parallel Dev Test Cloud 2015

New Whitepaper Pretty Much Says It All

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We’ve been covering every aspect of the software development lifecycle here, but this new Skytap paper, “Transform your SDLC with Parallel Dev & Test in Cloud Environments” pretty much covers everything you’d need to know about how constraints in software delivery are resolved in public and hybrid cloud environments. Download a free copy of this new, awesome 12-page report by …

Skytap people

Careers@Skytap Videos: When Hiring, Never Overlook the Passion

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As you might know by looking at news of our recent funding round, and Skytap bringing in Jill Domanico as VP of Talent, hiring the right people is absolutely essential to our growth plans. Since we’re surrounded by cutting-edge cloud companies here in Seattle looking to grow as well, good talent is in high demand. Hiring is not just a …


Peeling Back the Layers of the Cloud Security Onion

Noel Wurst Development and Testing, IT Operations

​I had the chance to sit down with Lee Slaughter, Skytap’s Manager of Information Security, to discuss security in the cloud, the efforts that make up a thorough due diligence when choosing a cloud provider, and how to keep up with external and internal threats to your business. Noel: Last year, Charles Babcock wrote a piece for InformationWeek on the …


No Crystal Ball Needed: Jez Humble Shares Trick to Predicting High IT Performance

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​ It didn’t hit me until after a second viewing of Jez Humble’s recent webinar with Perforce that his ways to predict high IT performance aren’t just a neat party trick; they’re absolutely essential. The days of bugs making it into production, distrust between departments, and delayed fixes and releases are becoming a thing of the past, at least among …