IBM i V7R3 End-of-Support and what it means for you

IBM has announced end-of-support (EOS) for IBM i OS version V7R3 effective September 30, 2023. IBM i V7R3 was released back in 2016 and the latest version of the IBM i OS, V7R5, was released in 2022. It is always a good practice to be on the latest operating system as it enables you to

AI, “A Stack of Laptops” and the interesting connection between the two

Recently, I attended an event about the use of AI with a company’s cloud-based file sharing and collaboration product. While the event was informative and inspiring, it was a conversation I had while at the event that stuck with me. The conversation was with the CTO of a Seattle-based engineering firm. What started out as

High Availability/Disaster Recovery Options for IBM Power Running in Skytap on Azure

A key consideration for running mission-critical workloads in the cloud is your high availability/disaster recovery solution. The good news is that most software-based solutions that are used for on-premises deployments can also be used in Skytap. At Skytap Academy Live, VP of Performance and Solutions Engineering Mike Neil discussed some of these HA/DR options for

Skytap Academy Live Customer Showcase: East Coast Metal Distributors

At Skytap Academy Live, East Coast Metal Distributors (ECMDI) was featured in a customer showcase session to discuss how it uses Skytap to run IBM i systems in the cloud. William Garner, VP of IT at ECMDI was joined by Skytap Director of Field Engineering Jason Scott.  Watch the 15-min session video below or keep

Skytap Academy Live Customer Showcase: Kontoor Brands

At Skytap Academy Live, Kontoor Brands was featured in a customer showcase session to discuss its cloud strategy and how it uses Skytap on Azure to run IBM Power applications in the cloud. Kontoor Brands’ Director of Global Infrastructure and Cloud Services Alex Ley and Principal Systems Engineer Venu Karate were joined by Skytap Director

Skytap Product Tips and Tricks

I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Skytap both as a customer and as a Skytap employee, and in my 10+ years of experience doing so, there are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned to work efficiently, manage usage and best collaborate with team members. Whether you’ve also been a Skytap user for
Cybersecurity skills gap training blog. Cyber security concept

The Growing Cybersecurity Skills Gap and What to do About it

Cybersecurity attacks are growing at an alarming rate and companies cannot be complacent when it comes to preparing employees and protecting data. According to the Fortinet 2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report, 80% of the 1,000 organizations surveyed experienced at least one breach within the last 12 months and nearly 1 in 5 experienced five or

Leveraging the cloud to accelerate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures

Companies engage in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. In most cases, a lengthy due diligence process happens. At some point in the process, “technological compatibility” between the impacted organizations is considered.  What happens when the companies merging have entirely different IT architectures?  Consider this fictional scenario: Company “BlueCascade” divests a subsidiary business unit called “AquaPure.” Company

How to “Float” on the Multi-Cloud

There is a lot of talk about “multi-cloud,” but trying to achieve that level of cloud diversity might be challenging for many organizations. If you are starting out in the cloud, instead of building cloud-specific expertise across multiple cloud providers, try to “float” across multiple clouds as much as possible. Here is how. First off,

A User-Centered Approach to Achieving Seamless Workload Migrations

Production workloads are essential for the smooth functioning of an organization’s operations. Today’s businesses rely heavily on critical applications, data, and services such as enterprise resource planning systems, customer-facing websites, scale-out applications, and database management systems. However, the challenge for many businesses is to modernize their legacy applications to remain competitive in the market. Legacy

What is promiscuous mode and why does it matter? 

It lets more network traffic through! That’s what promiscuous mode (or p-mode) does for the network card. It allows additional network traffic to the rest of the endpoint. What exactly do I mean by that and why does this need to happen sometimes? Here’s a quick overview of p-mode in both a traditional context for
Businessman working modern computer Document Management System (DMS),Iaas, PaaS, Saas, cloud storage

Demystifying SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

The technology industry is loaded with jargon. Often a result of trying to simplify complex concepts, the abbreviations, buzzwords, and blurred lines can confuse even tech veterans, let alone those new to enterprise tech. So, in hopes of adding some clarity to the conversation, we’ve written a high-level overview that defines the most popular cloud

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