Harnessing data in legacy systems for your GenAI strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its latest evolution Generative AI (GenAI) are not only the hottest buzzwords in technology, but also likely the most transformational value drivers for businesses and people. We felt the same way for technology evolutions in mobile, social and cloud, which are now mainstream in society and the workplace. Hence, every business

How can we accelerate and simplify your cloud journey for specialized workloads to Azure?

This is a question we constantly ask ourselves at Skytap. Our specialty is providing a platform for Azure customers to host workloads within Azure’s data centers that otherwise wouldn’t run on Azure hardware. The most common operating systems that I speak to customers about as a Cloud Solutions Architect here at Skytap are AIX and

The Very Group Selects Skytap to Modernize its IBM Power Estate in Azure

The Very Group, an online retail and digital payments business​, is modernizing and migrating applications and infrastructure with Skytap on Azure as a part of a wider digital transformation strategy. The retailer selected Skytap to modernize its IBM Power estate in Azure and support an enhanced customer experience. The Very Group has also partnered with

MGM Resorts Ransomware Attack: Disaster Recovery as a Malware Defense

MGM Resorts reported an active Ransomware incident starting on September 11th, and as of September 17th, it had not fully recovered. Rumors are that the company did not pay the ransom and is “recovering” its systems. It makes you wonder, if a company like MGM Resorts, with all of its available resources, is struggling with

Skytap Academy Live: Course Manager Training Event

Join us for our Skytap Academy Live 2-Day Course Manager training event! Whether you are a current Skytap customer or considering Skytap Virtual IT Labs, you do not want to miss this live virtual educational event. We’ll share an inside look at the latest Skytap Course Manager features along with tips and best practices to maximize

The Rise of the Super Cloud and What it Means for Specialized Workloads

A pragmatic approach to including “stubborn” legacy or specialty applications into an evolving cloud ecosystem. First came “the cloud,” and IT embraced and consumed it. For many companies, this evolved into hybrid-cloud due to business requirements such as meeting regulatory and data sovereignty requirements, leveraging paid-for on-premises technology investments, and addressing requirements for low latency,

IBM i V7R3 End-of-Support and what it means for you

IBM has announced end-of-support (EOS) for IBM i OS version V7R3 effective September 30, 2023. IBM i V7R3 was released back in 2016 and the latest version of the IBM i OS, V7R5, was released in 2022. It is always a good practice to be on the latest operating system as it enables you to

AI, “A Stack of Laptops” and the interesting connection between the two

Recently, I attended an event about the use of AI with a company’s cloud-based file sharing and collaboration product. While the event was informative and inspiring, it was a conversation I had while at the event that stuck with me. The conversation was with the CTO of a Seattle-based engineering firm. What started out as

High Availability/Disaster Recovery Options for IBM Power Running in Skytap on Azure

A key consideration for running mission-critical workloads in the cloud is your high availability/disaster recovery solution. The good news is that most software-based solutions that are used for on-premises deployments can also be used in Skytap. At Skytap Academy Live, VP of Performance and Solutions Engineering Mike Neil discussed some of these HA/DR options for

Skytap Academy Live Customer Showcase: East Coast Metal Distributors

At Skytap Academy Live, East Coast Metal Distributors (ECMDI) was featured in a customer showcase session to discuss how it uses Skytap to run IBM i systems in the cloud. William Garner, VP of IT at ECMDI was joined by Skytap Director of Field Engineering Jason Scott.  Watch the 15-min session video below or keep

Skytap Academy Live Customer Showcase: Kontoor Brands

At Skytap Academy Live, Kontoor Brands was featured in a customer showcase session to discuss its cloud strategy and how it uses Skytap on Azure to run IBM Power applications in the cloud. Kontoor Brands’ Director of Global Infrastructure and Cloud Services Alex Ley and Principal Systems Engineer Venu Karate were joined by Skytap Director

Skytap Product Tips and Tricks

I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Skytap both as a customer and as a Skytap employee, and in my 10+ years of experience doing so, there are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned to work efficiently, manage usage and best collaborate with team members. Whether you’ve also been a Skytap user for

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