IBM i V7R3 End-of-Support and what it means for you

Update IBM i V7R3 to V7R4 or V7R5

IBM has announced end-of-support (EOS) for IBM i OS version V7R3 effective September 30, 2023. IBM i V7R3 was released back in 2016 and the latest version of the IBM i OS, V7R5, was released in 2022. It is always a good practice to be on the latest operating system as it enables you to get the latest features offered by IBM while reducing security risks.

If you are on V7R3 you have two primary options:

#1 Upgrade your OS to V7R4 or V7R5:

This will ensure continuity of support/subscriptions. It will also ensure access to the latest features and security protections.

#2 Continue using IBM i V7R3:

This will result in running your applications on an unsupported OS. IBM will stop offering new functionality, fixes, enhancements, and security patches to IBM i V7R3 which puts you at risk. 

Ready to upgrade your OS? Skytap can help!

The Skytap hardware allows you to upgrade your V7R3 to V7R4 or V7R5. Skytap IBM i experts on our Service Delivery team can complete the upgrade for you. You can learn more here


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