Key takeaways from the Global IT: Moving IBM i to IBM Cloud Myths and Facts Webinar

Skytap SVP of Product Dan Jones and VP of Customer Operations Darren Stagnaro recently spoke at a Cloud Migration Myths and Facts webinar hosted by Global IT Client Executive Kathleen Simard. I attended as a good way to double-check my gut on the topic and there were a few items that I had misconceptions on.

Using Azure billing to view Skytap on Azure costs and usage

Overview Skytap on Azure is an Infrastructure as a Service offering that provides you with virtualized IBM Power systems computing resources as a managed service within Azure. Restrictions in the Azure Marketplace require that this be listed as a SaaS application, so it might not be obvious at first how to find your Skytap on

Join Us December 2 for “Moving IBM i to the Cloud – Top Myths and Facts”

Moving IBM i to the Cloud – Top Myths and Facts Thu, Dec 2, 2021 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST Much has been written and said about IBM Power and the journey to the cloud. Does it have to be complicated? Can it be done without refactoring? The answers to these cloud migration questions

Introducing Skytap Live Clone: Copy and save environments while VMs are running

Within Skytap, Environments and Templates are very important concepts. An Environment is an object that comprises one or more VMs, one or more networks, plus configuration settings and metadata. A Template is a read-only copy of an environment that can be used to back up critical environments and acts like a blueprint for new environments.

Creating a Self-managed Private Network Connection (PNC) with ExpressRoute in Skytap 

One of the major challenges that customers face for cloud adoption is networking issues, particularly high network latency, which affects how fast data can be transferred from one location to another. These delays are not only frustrating to end-users but are costly to businesses.  Today, Skytap integrates with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to provide a standard 1 Gbps

Rational Tools now available on Skytap for IBMi customers

IBM i customers on Skytap who run development and test workloads or those who require compilers for their applications when moving to Skytap can now license the Rational Development Tools package self-service from the Skytap Hardware Settings page, Licensing section. Clicking on the Edit icon, users can now specify how many users they’d like to

The Skytap on Azure (SoA) Hong Kong region is now available in the Azure Marketplace

We’re happy to announce that the Skytap on Azure (SoA) Hong Kong region is now available in the Azure Marketplace and hosted in the Azure East Asia data center to help support our APAC customers. Customers may create new Skytap on Azure accounts or add this region to their existing Skytap on Azure accounts. For

Cloud Taxonomy for Non-Production Use Cases for the Cloud

The following use cases are potential ways to use the cloud for non-production use cases. The key is to deliver “quickly” the infrastructure needed to perform a specific need or task. Waiting weeks for infrastructure delivery should be considered an “anti-pattern” since the cumulative time of waiting over the course of a project would be

Getting ready to move IBM Power workloads to the cloud

As part of cloud and digital transformation initiatives, you may be taking a hard look at how to move your core business applications running on IBM Power Systems to the cloud. There are many reasons to migrate Power workloads to the cloud — improved flexibility and lower risk, cloud-native services that enhance core business applications,

Skytap introduces Secure Remote Access Client (SRA) Insert Text (Paste) Feature

Secure Remote Access Client Insert Text Feature  Ever since Skytap launched the Power offering, IBM i customers have been asking for a way to insert long strings of text into the IBM i guest OS. Many command-line statements in IBM i are very long and typing them into the client can be really time-consuming.  

Using Skytap Webhooks with Microsoft Azure

The Skytap webhook service is a powerful feature, yet on first glance can be a bit intimidating. A webhook is a method used for one application to talk to another. In our case, the Skytap webhook service can send audit data and usage data to other applications. For example, suppose you want to be notified

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