Using Azure NetApp Files with Power Systems in Skytap on Azure

As a Cloud Solutions Architect at Skytap, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of customers who are looking for robust and high-performance file storage solutions. One that has stood out to me as a particularly powerful option is Azure NetApp Files (ANF). Given my experience with this option, I wanted to share some of the key benefits of using Azure NetApp Files with Skytap on Azure and how it can help your organization maximize its Azure experience.

Azure NetApp Files is a fully managed file storage service that is built on top of Azure. This means that it benefits from all of the same security and compliance features that are built into Azure, as well as the global scale and availability that Azure provides. Azure NetApp Files is built on the NetApp ONTAP storage operating system, which is a powerful and well-established platform that has been used in data centers for decades. This combination of Azure and ONTAP provides a level of reliability and performance that is hard to match with other storage solutions.

Using Azure NetApp Files with Skytap on Azure provides a high-performance file storage option for Power workloads that are highly dependent on Shared file storage access. This is particularly useful for applications that rely on a lot of read-and-write operations, such as databases and big data analytics. Azure NetApp Files is also great for workloads that require low-latency access to data. The service can handle high IOPS and throughput, which is essential for these types of workloads.

Here are a few use cases where Azure NetApp Files can be leveraged with Skytap on Azure:

  • Highly available Filesystems for Power Workloads in Skytap on Azure
  • Shared Libraries between workloads and region
  • Backups (Mksysb and native application)
  • Repositories

Would you like to try Azure NetApp Files with Skytap on Azure? I have documented a few steps in the Skytap Well-Architected Framework to get you started. Learn more about Skytap on Azure.

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Abhishek Jain – Cloud Solutions Architect at Skytap

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