Skytap Academy Live: Course Manager Training Event

Skytap academy live course manager training event october 4, 2023 and october 5, 2023 at 10am CT

Join us for our Skytap Academy Live 2-Day Course Manager training event! Whether you are a current Skytap customer or considering Skytap Virtual IT Labs, you do not want to miss this live virtual educational event. We’ll share an inside look at the latest Skytap Course Manager features along with tips and best practices to maximize your organization’s outcomes. We’ll also take a deeper dive into how to super-charge your virtual IT labs programs with advanced capabilities, configuration and automation. Check out the session specifics below and register today! 

Skytap Course Manager Training:  Day 1 – Basics & Updates

Featured Speakers: Skytap Course Manager team members Shweta Savoor, Jessica Pearl and Martin Goldman, and Skytap Director of Customer Success Ralph Capasso

Day 1 | Session 1: Virtual Lab Delivery & Operations with Course Manager

Wednesday, October 4 | 10AM – 12PM CT

Course Manager helps Skytap customers transform their virtual lab programs. Learn about how Course Manager’s automation and integration capabilities can be applied to several of our most common use cases, including instructor-led training, on-demand learning, and sales demos. This session is geared towards both Skytap customers and those considering Skytap Virtual IT Labs. 

Day 1 | Session 2: Course Manager Update

Wednesday, October 4 | 1PM – 3PM CT 

Course Manager continues to rapidly evolve to meet the changing needs of Skytap Virtual IT Labs customers. Learn about what’s new and coming soon. See and hear directly from our customers about how Course Manager has helped them to turbo-charge their virtual lab programs. And check out a lab showcasing our latest and greatest capabilities. This session is geared towards both Skytap customers and those considering Skytap Virtual IT Labs. 

Skytap Course Manager Training: Day 2 – Enablement

Featured Speakers: Skytap Course Manager team members Shweta Savoor, Martin Goldman and Max Booth

Day 2 | Session 1: Course Configuration & Development

Thursday, October 5 | 10AM – 12PM CT

In this enablement session, we’ll dig into specific Course Manager features, ranging from brand new to tried and true, and explore the unique end-user experiences they allow us to create. This session is geared towards Skytap customers in the role of training administrators, instructional design SMEs and technical SMEs.

Day 2 | Session 2: Advanced Topics in Configuration, Development & Automation

Thursday, Oct 5 | 1PM – 4PM CT

Our second enablement session will feature a deep dive into Course Manager’s most advanced capabilities. We’ll cap it off with a lab deconstruction, showing how Course Manager’s features can come together into an immersive, fully featured lab experience. This session is technically oriented and may be best suited for technical SMEs, but all are welcome. It’s meant to be a follow-up to Day 2 Session 1, Course Configuration & Development, so we highly recommend attending that session before joining this one.

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