Creating a Skytap on Azure account from the Azure Marketplace

Skytap on Azure is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This blog post, and this video, will help you navigate the process of creating an instance of the Skytap on Azure service and logging into the service for the first time.

Before you start

In order to subscribe to Skytap on Azure from the Marketplace, you will need to ensure the following is configured.

Creating your account

Start the creation process like you do for all Marketplace offers: search for Skytap on Azure in the Marketplace, and then click the Get it now button. You’ll need to grant Microsoft permission to share your basic contact information with Skytap; once you do that, you’re on your way. You’ll end up in the Azure portal at the Skytap on Azure offer page.

Skytap on Azure offer

Skytap on Azure is offered as a Pay as You Go service that is billed hourly based on consumption. You can see the pricing of this plan by switching to the Plans + Pricing tab. Once you’re ready, you can click Set up + Subscribe to move to the Subscription page. Once you have a Skytap on Azure subscription, you can find discounted pricing options available through Reserve Capacity purchase within the Skytap portal.

Note: If you find that no plans are listed, this means that Skytap on Azure is not currently enabled for the Azure market you are billed through. If this happens, please contact us and a Skytap representative can help you with this, Skytap on Azure | Give Your Traditional Systems New Life.

Skytap on Azure Subscription page

You will need to provide a name for your Skytap on Azure subscription, this will be used within the Azure portal to reference this instance of Skytap on Azure and will be the basis of your account name within the Skytap application. We suggest you incorporate your company name as part of the name you choose. You can also select which Azure subscription you associate with your Skytap on Azure subscription. You can also read the licensing agreement on this page. Skytap on Azure uses the Microsoft Standard Contract, which you may have seen and agreed to with other Marketplace offers you’ve purchased. When you click Subscribe, Azure will create a SaaS subscription to Skytap on Azure within the Azure portal. This is not the actual Skytap account—that comes next—this is just the Azure reference to that service.

Note: We offer only a monthly billing term. Skytap on Azure is a consumption-based service, meaning that you are charged based on your actual usage, calculated at one-second granularity. Consumption usage is reported to Microsoft hourly and typically billed to you monthly. There is currently no flat-rate plan, so you’ll see the monthly rate as $0.00 with individual consumption-meter pricing added on top of that.

Once the Skytap subscription is configured in Azure you will find yourself on the Subscription Progress page seeing a message indicating that the next step is to “Configure your SaaS account on the provider’s website” You can do this two different ways:

  1. Click the Configure SaaS account on publisher’s website button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to the Configure a Skytap on Azure account page.
  2. Click the View SaaS subscription page button and on that page, click the Configure service button. You will be taken to the Configure a Skytap on Azure account page.
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You can accept the pre-configured values on this page, or you can change the Billing Contact and Security Contact email addresses. These addresses are used by Skytap to contact you if there are any billing questions or security issues that you need to be made aware of. You can change these values in your Skytap account later.

Click Configure this account to complete the creation of your Skytap account.

When the configuration process is completed, the main Dashboard of your new Skytap account displays. Before you do anything else, switch to the My Account page, located under the user icon in the upper-right corner of the page, and find the Instance URL listed there. This is the URL that you will need to use to access your Skytap account. We strongly recommend that you bookmark this URL to make it easy to return to Skytap.

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Once created, a Skytap on Azure account works just like a normal Skytap account. You manage all aspects of the account from within the Skytap portal, including creating new users. More information about adding users to Skytap on Azure is available in help.

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