Skytap and AI: An IBM Power VM Data Use Case You Can Begin Using Today

Skytap and AI, skytap and artificial intelligence

Enterprise interest in AI has accelerated over the past year fueled by increased adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) technologies to support intelligent and efficient data analysis and decision making. And with data at the core of successful AI strategies, you can understand why legacy systems, and the vast data they contain, continue to enter the AI conversation.

So what is Skytap up to when it comes to AI?
Skytap is developing AI tools that will enhance the Skytap customer experience and creating new AI use cases that Skytap customers can deploy on their own. At our recent Skytap Academy Live event, Skytap Product Manager Dawn Winston previewed “Skytap Copilot” which is just one of many Skytap AI product initiatives in development. It leverages GenAI, a means of digesting vast amounts of unstructured data into a usable format, to help customers find connections, learn, and build upon prior knowledge.

Skytap Copilot will act as an extension of Skytap customer support, offering product assistance, troubleshooting, debugging, and remediation with a natural language interface. It will also provide metrics and performance dashboards using data sourced and analyzed across various internal data sources. Additionally, it will seek to automate any daily or repetitive tasks that can be accomplished with AI such as creating new environments or spinning up an LPAR to increase your time to value. Skytap is also working on giving you the ability to create an AI chatbot using your own data and provide AI driven workflows to fuel your company’s AI strategy. 

Skytap and AI: An IBM Power VM AI use case you can use today

In addition to developing AI tools to enhance the Skytap customer experience, we’re excited to share that Skytap customers can get started with AI today using the data that exists in their own IBM Power databases. Skytap Principal Cloud Solutions Architect Tony Perez showcases how in this clip from Skytap Academy Live.

For a deeper dive on this topic, check out Tony’s blog on how Skytap, templates and cloning can jumpstart your enterprise’s AI journey

You can also watch the full Skytap AI session from Skytap Academy Live here

Join Skytap on our AI Journey! 

Would you like to join our Skytap Copilot test group? We are looking for current customers to test Skytap Copilot and provide input on your own AI journey. Get in touch with us here.  

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