Enterprise Dev/Test Environments

Skytap is the leading provider of SaaS-based dev/test environments to the enterprise. Our solution removes the inefficiencies and constraints that companies have within their software development lifecycle.

Skytap Stack

As a result Skytap customers release better software faster. Skytap customers can run complex enterprise applications unchanged, collaborate securely with global teams, and gain unparalleled business productivity. IT organizations maintain full visibility and control over projects, align capacity with demand, and reduce costs.

SaaS-Based Dev Test Environments

Skytap is a SaaS solution for development and test teams who require simple, self-service access to complex environments, team collaboration, and visibility and control for IT and management. Skytap leverages VMware ESX-based infrastructure as well as Amazon Web Services global IaaS

Dev/Test Team Collaboration

With Skytap’s collaboration tools, development teams can identify, share, and reproduce software defects significantly faster than ever before. 

  • Instant self-service access
  • Full REST-based API and CLI
  • CI build tools for TFS and Jenkins
  • Easy environment sharing
  • Rapid provisioning of complete environments
  • Clone/copy of complete environments
  • Create templates of environments
  • One-click run, shutdown and delete

IT Visibility and Control

Along with enabling dev/test teams to be more efficient, Skytap gives IT departments full visibility and control, and the power to avoid infrastructure sprawl and runaway costs.

  • Create projects with user or group role-based access controls to manage Skytap templates and Amazon resources.
  • Assign compute and storage quotas to users to ensure appropriate self-management of resource utilization.
  • Setup pro-active resource usage notifi cations to alert administrators or end-users when they are approaching subscription or quota limits.
  • Access a full audit trail of all user activity and usage reporting across individuals or groups.
  • Single sign-on with standard SAML 2.0 integration to authenticate against on-premise directory services.

Remove Inefficiencies in the SDLC

Skytap removes the inefficiencies and constraints that companies have within their software development lifecycle. Customers can import existing virtualized applications or build new applications in the cloud. Skytap Cloud can be easily accessed through any modern web browser, REST-based API, Command Line Interface (CLI), or ALM tool (Jenkins, Visual Studio TFS, etc.)

  • Find bugs sooner with production- mirror test environments
  • No more waiting for test environments
  • Store complex bugs with a click. Share and reproduce them with another click
  • Spin up complete environments in seconds
  • Control costs by automatically turning off idle environments
  • Control infrastructure sprawl and enable full visibility to IT