The cloud for migrating and modernizing your traditional enterprise applications.
The only cloud where you can run x86, Power, AIX, Linux, IBM i and Windows applications together.

Skytap Announces General Availability of IBM i in the Public Cloud, Leads Ecosystem to New Opportunities

The Only Cloud for Traditional Applications

Mission-critical. Maintained for decades. Datacenter-dependent. These are the applications your business can’t run without, but you can’t run on cloud. Until now.


Assess Your Application Portfolio and Get a Clear Picture of Your Modernization Strategy

Transform Over Time, Not Overnight

Skytap Cloud provides an incremental approach to application modernization called IPA: Infrastructure, Process, Architecture. Using IPA, enterprise teams can progress through the following use cases:

Cloud Migration

No refactoring or rewriting. Skytap Cloud replicates your datacenter settings, so you can migrate x86 and AIX-based applications – unchanged – in days.

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DevOps and Agile

Self-service access to production-ready environments, combined with CI/CD integrations, enables application teams to release higher quality software faster.

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Application Architecture

Applications are modernized by introducing modern architectures like container-based microservices and augmenting apps with cloud-native services.

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