Best of Skytap Live 2022

The second annual Skytap Live event occurred on March 23, 2022, and this year’s topics were diverse and informative. The event focused on empowering end-users by unlocking new and exciting capabilities, both from within the Skytap product itself, as well as from integrations with key Skytap technology partners. Skytap discussed its 2022 product roadmap, tackled the notoriously hard-to-navigate world of networking, and showcased how its partner’s tooling effectively simplifies the migration process, and what you can do with your workloads post-migration. The event concluded with deep dives into the world of Skytap Virtual IT Labs, including developments to Course Manager. Below are the sessions available to review with a brief overview.

Skytap Live 2022 Keynote
Skytap CEO Brad Schick kicked off this year’s event with an inside look at 2021 company highlights, what he’s excited about for 2022 and a high-level overview of key product development initiatives that will impact the year ahead. You can view Brad’s keynote here.

Skytap 2022 Roadmap
Skytap Director of Product Management Loke Tan shares an overview of Skytap product development priorities for 2022 including exciting developments with multi-attach storage, storage performance and size improvements, and vNet integration. Check out the session here

Effective Trip Planning for Your Data
Why is computer networking so hard? Skytap Principal Product Manager Colleen Hamilton offers a simple metaphor that provides a great explanation. Learn more about the many nuances and considerations of computer networking with a thoughtful comparison to planning a road trip. Watch the session here

Using Commvault to Seamlessly Automate and Optimize Power Workload Protection in Skytap on Azure
Commvault Systems Engineer Phil Schleper discusses how Commvault provides data protection for your IBM i and AIX workloads in Skytap. Phil highlights the utilization of Azure blob storage, deduplication, compression and scheduling for accelerating both the move to Azure and the maturity of automated protection once in the cloud. Learn more about Commvaults partner session here.

Modern Data Analytics for IBM i with Skytap and Microsoft Azure Synapse
Microsoft Senior Program Manager Ricardo Galvan and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect Madiha Khan demonstrate how you can leverage Azure Synapse Analytics to unlock insights from your IBM i data. This compelling use case will help you extend the life and value of your existing applications. Watch the session here

Empowering your business using Skytap Virtual Labs
How much value is your virtual labs platform delivering to your business?  Whether you’ve been using Skytap for ten weeks, ten months, or ten years, Skytap Account Executive Ralph Capasso and Skytap Senior VP of Customer Success Jon Schrader discuss how a Virtual Labs Maturity Assessment will provide you with insights and recommendations to ensure that you’re getting the maximum value from your virtual labs investment. Check out the Session here.

Course Manager 2022 Roadmap
Learn more about what’s new with Skytap’s Course Manager offering. Skytap Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer Shweta Savoor discusses new functionality introduced over the past year and what’s coming up in 2022. Watch the session here

Skytap Virtual Power Hour
Part 1: Integrating lab workflows with Course Manager
Integrating Skytap labs into your other applications and business systems can increase customer engagement and reduce friction, manual effort, and support burden. Skytap Director of Solution Engineering, Martin Goldman reviews the many options that Course Manager provides to drive self-service lab delivery capabilities for any use case.

Part 2: Evolution of Labs & Creating Interactive Hybrid Labs
Skytap’s lab environments are best in class. But for many organizations, lab needs are evolving. As the pandemic has pushed more and more lab consumption in a remote, self-service direction, driving and monitoring user engagement is increasingly critical to success. And many customers report that their lab needs are extending beyond traditional VM-based labs. From next-gen infrastructure tooling like Kubernetes, to publicly accessible web apps, to IaaS and PaaS capabilities offered by Microsoft Azure and other public clouds. Skytap Director of Solution Engineering, Martin Goldman and Skytap Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer Shweta Savoor cover how Skytap and Course Manager can help with exciting new capabilities available today and coming soon. View the full Skytap Virtual Power Hour session here.

If you want to re-watch the whole event as a playlist, you can go checkout our Showcase playlist for Skytap Live 2022 over on Vimeo.

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