2016 Predictions Include Warming up to DevOps ICEbergs

“This will be a year of glacial change in app development…what I’m talking about is an increased ability to compartmentalize even some monolithic systems so software delivery can move forward.”
– Jason English, Skytap Galactic Head, Product Marketing

vmblog.com_logoOur own Jason English was invited to contribute to VMblog’s Virtualization and Cloud Prediction Series, and he’s forecasting that “DevOps ICEbergs,” or, Infrastructure as Code Environments, will be even more widely adopted across the enterprise. Why? So that large, monolithic, applications can be “broken off” or “unwound”—allowing them to run effectively in elastic cloud datacenters.

Jason cites a ecent Skytap software development survey as proof that this “glacial change” is already occurring, and we encourage you to check out both the survey, and VMblog’s prediction series to learn which technologies are driving this shift, and the benefits that can come from being a part of it!







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