250 Enterprise Customers Deploy More Than 2 Million Virtual Machines

Today we are proud to announce that 250 enterprise customers have deployed more than two million virtual machines using Skytap Cloud.

Enterprise companies are increasingly deploying a hybrid cloud computing architecture, attracted by the ability to connect on-premise private cloud and virtualized infrastructure with a secure public cloud infrastructure. This enables enterprise teams to benefit from the elastic, scalable, on-demand nature of public cloud computing resources with the existing security, tools, and processes used internally today. Collaborative teams that have moved complex environments into a hybrid cloud solution see increased business agility, speed and productivity, and lower costs.

Skytap’s award-winning hybrid cloud solution offers enterprise customers a simple way to securely extend their on-premise infrastructure into the cloud. Skytap Cloud features a unique technology layer called the Intelligent Automation Platform™, which delivers sophisticated automation and self-service capabilities designed to make complex cloud computing environments fast, easy and intuitive. The Intelligent Automation Platform enables advanced product capabilities for teams, including remote access to VMs from any browser or native RDP device, software defined networking for complex multi-machine environments, automated control, management and administration, and rich collaboration across teams, projects, and geographic locations.

“Over the past several months, the enterprise IT industry has demonstrated a heightened demand for hybrid cloud solutions, drawn by the unique combination of on-premise infrastructure and easily-accessible hosted environments that offer increased scalability, flexibility and security,” said Brett Goodwin, vice president of marketing and business development at Skytap. “We have experienced significant growth as enterprise IT organizations, and development and test teams, rapidly implement Skytap Cloud to revolutionize the way they build, deploy, and test innovative new software.”

Read the full press release: Increased Enterprise Demand for Hybrid Cloud Fuels Skytap Growth

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