A Look at the Expert Predictions for VMworld 2013

It’s never too early to start planning for VMworld. The Skytap team is always excited to attend an event where so many great companies are emerging with great products. The energy, enthusiasm, and spirit of innovation and learning over the 5-day event is off the charts. It’s definitely our kind of scene.

As we’re all getting ready for the trip to San Francisco, there are some interesting conversations going on—and a lot of buzz about what people think is going to happen this year.


The VAR guy has predicted that software-defined datacenters (SDDC) built using vCloud Suite will dominate the messaging at VMworld 2013.

Jason Helmick from Concentrated Technology LLC suspects there will be plenty of information about the usual suspects like heterogeneous management, storage, security and business continuity, but he’s looking forward to what will surely be a huge push for IT pros over the next year: vCloud Hybrid Service. In addition, he notes that if you’re one of those starting down the path of a hybrid cloud approach, there will be plenty of breakout sessions just for you.

Maish Saidel-Keesing from Cisco Video Technologies Israel (formerly NDS Group Ltd.) believes that regardless of this year’s theme of “defying convention,” he doesn’t foresee VMware announcing any earth shattering new products at VMworld 2013 (perhaps some new versions), but instead expects a steady continuation of the journey.

Rob McShinsky from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center states that the head start enjoyed by VMware in the virtualization market has been drastically narrowed. To “defy convention,” VMware will have to reimagine new features and continue to define the game. VMware must deliver at VMworld 2013 to remind the industry why it should remain the dominant player in this space. To do this, he believes VMware needs to swallow its pride a bit and open its doors to integration with private clouds, public clouds and other third-party vendors that are willing to create enhancement niches. Integration at the management layer will be the critical business model.

Plan Your Week

You can plan your week at VMworld using Schedule Builder. If you’re not attending, or want to monitor certain events from afar, here’s how:

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