Accelerate Development to Warp Speed!

​Enterprise software development teams love building cool stuff. It’s challenging and fun the first time.  But when you make something great and need to share it across your team, repeating the process over and over can be daunting. Rebuilding applications piece by piece becomes tedious and slow. Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a complex development stack once, make copies with a push of a button, and share with the rest of your development team?

This is the challenge facing enterprise development and testing teams today. How do you create a complex development and testing environment once and save an easily repeatable copy for later use?  

Skytap Cloud is designed specifically for enterprise software development and testing.  It is fast and easy to create, replicate, share, and destroy complete multi-machine environments that include virtual machines, networks, databases and virtual appliances.  To start, you can import existing VMs as-is, or build new applications in Skytap Cloud. Then you can capture the environment and save it as a template for later use. Create as many copies as needed and easily share these environments with others, enabling effective collaboration. 

Skytap Cloud can be used as an extension of your on-premise VM infrastructure, or to transition dev and test workloads to Amazon Web Services.

Stop building environments piece by piece. Take your development to warp speed with Skytap Cloud.  

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