Achieving Continuous Integration with Skytap and Jenkins

Enterprise businesses are developing software faster than ever to gain a competitive edge. To compete, application development teams must release better software faster. This means continuously integrating, testing and delivering new applications.

To achieve continuous integration, many companies are leveraging the popular open source CI tool, Jenkins. Jenkins allows teams to define complex, automated software build, test & integration workflows. Often these workflows require the automated creation and management of on-demand, scalable test environments.

When you combine Jenkins and Skytap, dev/test teams can gain even more efficiency and productivity. Because of this, we are happy to introduce the Skytap Cloud CI Plugin for Jenkins.

This plugin enables the rapid development and testing for enterprise software applications. The Skytap Cloud CI Plugin combined with Skytap’s dev/test features provides teams with a powerful end-to-end solution to enable continuous integration of enterprise applications.

With Skytap and Jenkins, Dev/Test teams get:

  • On-demand, automated creation of production equivalent build and test environments
  • Environments that are easy to replicate and share
  • Increased efficiency and higher output of quality code.

To learn more, watch the Skytap and Jenkins video now.

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