ALM Summit 3 – Expertise Worth Sharing

This year’s ALM Summit runs January 29 to 31, and features keynotes and sessions by Microsoft executive and industry experts, as well as three focused breakout tracks: ALM Leadership, Agile Development, and new this year DevOps and Testing. Also returning is an update to last year’s popular full-time Hands-On Lab featuring self-guided tutorials on Team Foundation Server and Test Lab Management.

Skytap Director of Product Management, Sumit Mehrotra, will be speaking at the event as part of a panel on Agile testing. Hosted by Anutthara Bharadwaj, the Agile Testing session aims to explore different ends of the spectrum of Agile testing practices and how it applies to different kinds of teams. Using Visual Studio Test Professional, its Quarterly Updates, and partner products, the panel will walk through multiple flavors of Agile testing and how teams can adopt the practices.

As part of the session, Sumit will provide a live demonstration of the new Skytap Automation Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Our new Automation Pack offers flexible support for a wide range of application development workloads, ranging from .NET client applications to complex n-tier server applications, such as SharePoint. The presentation will take place on Thursday, January 31 at 12:45pm in the Cascade room of Microsoft Conference Center, Building 33 on Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

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