Are You Ready for Windows 8?

There’s no doubt that Microsoft is betting big on what they have rightfully called a “reimagining” of the company’s flagship operation system. Windows 8 looks to offer a significant opportunity to deliver new user experiences, and I would suspect that you are probably wondering how your business will best prepare itself for what this latest release will bring to bear.

At Skytap, we continue to bet big on helping you do this with ease by tapping into the powerful yet intuitive cloud capabilities delivered with Skytap Cloud. Whether you are using Skytap Cloud for development and testing of your applications, building out compelling software demos, or even training your users and customers on your products, you can now experience how this will evolve when Windows 8 ships in the not so distant future.

“How?” you may ask. Well, we’ve caught “preview fever” here in Seattle.

With our May 2012 release of Skytap Cloud, we’re giving you a glimpse of what Windows 8 (client and server) support will look like after the release of the RTM bits from our neighbors across Lake Washington.

More specifically, the team has added sample templates with Windows Server 8 Beta and Windows 8 Consumer Preview to our Skytap Cloud public template library. You can use these samples to create configurations with the preview bits, kick the tires, and get a sense of what Windows 8 support will look like in Skytap Cloud.

As both the Microsoft OS releases and the underlying support for it are in beta, we’ve published a new KB article that provides important tips on what you can expect from the experience–and some known quirks.

We’re laying the foundation for supporting you with even more options to quickly create, spin-up, and use complex computing environments in the cloud (or in our case, the Skytap Cloud).

If you have any thoughts or questions, let us know.

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