Brett Goodwin to Speak at Camp IT – Cloud Computing Strategies

On September 24, Brett Goodwin, our Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, will speak a Camp IT in Chicago. The focus of the conference is Cloud Computing Strategies, and Brett’s topic will be: Hybrid Cloud: How to Build and Integrate the Best of Both Worlds. The following is a summary of Brett’s presentation:

After setting your cloud strategy, how do you go about building your cloud? What are the benefits of a hybrid approach? In this session, attendees will learn how to:

  • Plan, design, deliver, and optimize a responsible, reliable, and mission-critical cloud with public and private services
  • Integrate with your existing architecture
  • Leverage current architectural resources
  • Determine what additional resources are needed
  • Leverage solutions to deliver CapEx, OpEx, margin, and competitive benefits for your business
  • How to calculate baseline metrics for business intelligence
  • How other IT organizations are helping to make business decisions for the extended enterprise
  • How to make processes more agile with BI

To sign up for the event, visit At the event, be sure to stop by and discuss development and test, virtual training, and software demo and evaluation solutions in the cloud.

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