Building Trust Between Cloud Providers and Consumers

In a recent article for NetworkWorld entitled Building Trust Between Cloud Providers and Consumers, I talked about the need for clients and vendors to view each other as trusted partners if they are to successfully design and deploy solutions to complex technology problems. I also focused on the value of transparency when building cooperative partnerships, and the importance of honestly discussing risks and procedures for mitigating risks in cloud computing.

From the article:

Enterprises that have, or are considering, the move to cloud computing should understand that they are not simply purchasing a specific product or service. Rather, they are entering into a partnership with their cloud provider. An enterprise’s cloud provider becomes an extension of the enterprise IT department. As a result, the vendor should be considered a trusted partner. In order for this to happen, both client and vendor must commit to communication and transparency that is generally foreign to the purchase of on-premise IT solutions.

The emergence and explosive growth of cloud computing represents a fundamental shift in how IT services are developed and delivered. Cloud computing offers incredible benefits ranging from reduced cost to improved user experience. These benefits are largely realized from increased efficiency, streamlined system upgrades, reduced system deployment and configuration time, significant flexibility, and control over how and when resources are utilized. This emergence also introduces new, but not necessarily additional, risks that managers must consider when evaluating cloud services and vendors. Questions regarding security, data ownership, and reliability are at the top of mind for CIOs and other technical managers, as well they should be.

Read the full article at NetworkWorld.

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