CA Release Automation in Skytap: Spotlight and Demo

As DevOps devotees, we’re always interested in techniques for accelerating software delivery, so we’re thrilled to have these two new videos featuring the CA Release Automation (RA) solutions team explaining, and demonstrating, how to achieve wicked fast and pin-point accurate deployments at each stage of the SDLC in Skytap environments. You can learn a lot in just 7 minutes!

Partner Spotlight: CA Release Automation and Skytap
CA’s Tim Mueting, Product Marketing Director for CA Release Automation, can tell you in 2 minutes why Skytap Environments-as-a-Service can eliminate constraints while increasing the velocity of successful software delivery, from code check-in to production.

Could not have said it better. (You may remember Tim joining me for our joint CA/Skytap webinar on “Application Releases in Time-Warp Ovens” from this summer).

Now, you simply must dive a little deeper and watch this one:

Demo – “Integrating Skytap with CA Release Automation” – How they work together

CA solution engineer Marta Benach gives you a 5-minute step-by-step demo of how CA Release Automation can call on Skytap to rapidly stamp out precise test environments at each stage gate, so RA’s automated deployments can be set up and torn down almost instantly. CA wrote an Action Pack for RA that interfaces directly to Skytap – so deployment really does happen this fast.

Together these solutions take all the excess air out of the release chain – any place you have wait time for scripts running, configuration and cleanup work, and especially teams waiting on each other for access to environments, all that goes away with CA RA and Skytap.

Can’t wait to see more at their upcoming CA World 2015 show Nov. 17-20 in Vegas — you can find Skytap there in the DevOps meetup and perhaps even yours truly at the table there.

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