Upcoming Webinar: Career Relevance in the DevOps Age

devops wanted poster
Is finding a DevOps expert like catching lightning in a bottle? (Illustration: Jason English)

What are some of the titles you can look for if you want to “do” DevOps?

If nobody can really say they’ve “been doing DevOps for years” what qualifications can employers look for?

Are developers really suited to understand the operational needs and goals of the business, as some experts recommend?

How do we get out of the cycle we see in many companies of blaming IT Ops teams for slowing down releases? What part of that blame should Ops own?

With DevOps now “eating the world”, as Intellyx principal analyst Jason Bloomberg described in a recent Forbes article, a number of companies are beginning their own DevOps initiatives, and are now looking for “DevOps engineers” to help them get off the ground.

This likely isn’t a title you currently possess, and if you can’t claim years of DevOps mastery on your resume, how can you stand out to organizations looking for the best and brightest in a growing field that many are still trying to define?

See the full video of the May 12, 2015 webinar here!

The expert discussion will continue with Skytap VP of Operations, Paul Farrall who has first-hand DevOps adoption experiences to share, including how “cultural misunderstandings and lack of trust between development and operations organizations” can be the recipe for a DevOps disaster.

Watch Jason, Paul and moderator Jason English, Galactic Head of Product Marketing share a few paths IT leaders and technical experts are taking to remain in high-demand during a shift in the expectations for developers and operations professionals to possess.

Aliza Earnshaw at Puppet Labs wrote back in 2013, “There’s no formal career track for becoming a DevOps engineer” and while that is still largely true today, you may be surprised to find out that your technical skills are no longer your most sought after quality.


Jason Bloomberg is the leading industry analyst and expert on achieving agile digital transformation by architecting business agility in the enterprise. He writes for Forbes, Wired, and his biweekly newsletter, the Cortex. As president of Intellyx, he advises business executives on their digital transformation initiatives, trains architecture teams on Agile Architecture, and helps technology vendors and service providers communicate their agility stories. His latest book is The Agile Architecture Revolution (Wiley, 2013).


PaulFPaul Farrall is the VP of Operations for Skytap. He was most recently Vice President of Operations at Big Fish Games where he led the rollout of global infrastructure for the Big Fish cloud gaming platform and implementation of the Big Fish DevOps program. Prior to Big Fish, Paul was the Director of Operations and Chief Information Security Officer at Intelius, a Bellevue e-commerce company.  Previous companies also include AT&T Wireless in Bothell, WA and GetThere.com in Palo Alto, CA (now Sabre).


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