Channel 9: ALM Summit Presentation on Agile Testing

On January 31, I visited the ALM Summit and participated in the Agile Testing presentation given by Anutthara Bharadwaj. Her presentation addressed how Agile testing is becoming mainstream in software development across organizations of varying nature—and what happens when organizations with large nested teams; compliance and regulatory needs; multiple release cadences; and complex multi-tiered applications need to adopt Agile testing. Using Visual Studio Test Professional, its Quarterly Updates, and partner products, Anutthara walked through multiple flavors of Agile testing and discussed how teams can adopt the practices that work for them.​

Later in the presentation (46:15 to be precise), we shifted to how Skytap works with Visual Studio as an easy, natural fit to ensure development teams can deliver a build that will be consumable by end users. For example, with the Skytap Automation Pack for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, once a team is finished with a given test environment in Skytap Cloud, it can be deleted or saved—frozen in time—for further investigation. The Automation Pack ensures that only the required resources are running, streamlining resources and enabling more build-deploy-test (BDT) runs. Teams can also save the resulting environment from a failed BDT run so that a developer can instantiate the exact state again and debug the failure. The speed with which Skytap Cloud can perform all of these operations provides additional value. Environments can be created, run, suspended, stopped, saved, and deleted in under a minute. Faster BDT runs means faster testing, and ultimately, faster delivery times for applications.

Watch the full presentation:

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