CAMP IT: Cloud Computing Strategies – The Next Generation

Since 1984, CAMP IT Conferences has produced events designed to help IT professionals understand new technologies and make the critical, strategic, and tactical decisions for their enterprises. The speakers at CAMP IT all have practical experience in their topic area, as well as excellent presentation skills. Over 32,000 enterprise IT executives, management, and technical-staff representing over 5,500 individual organizations have been to CAMP IT.

On September 25, our Vice President of Products, Brian White, will speak at Camp IT in Chicago. The focus of the conference is Cloud Computing Strategies – The Next Generation. Brian’s talk will be on Choosing Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud Computing. The following is a summary of his presentation:

After setting your cloud strategy, how do you go about building your cloud?

In this session attendees will learn about:

  • Current Enterprise Trends
  • Differences: Pros and Cons of Alternatives
  • Enterprise Cloud Solution Requirements
  • Where to Get Started?
  • Integrating with Existing Infrastructure
  • Finding the Hidden Costs with Cloud

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