Cushman & Wakefield Invests in the Cloud

Creating great software on time and on budget is no small task. And like all businesses, Cushman & Wakefield—the world’s largest privately held real estate service firm—has faced an increasingly complex and fast moving market, with demands for shorter response times to IT requests and a desire to enhance productivity of development and test teams.

Historically, a chief factor in the company’s success has been its commitment to leveraging new technologies. As Senior Managing Director Leif Maiorini told us, “We’ve adopted a philosophy of owning capabilities that differentiate Cushman & Wakefield in the global real estate services market.” And when they set out to find new efficiency and productivity solutions for development and test, they investigated the cloud.

When describing how the technical fit was established with Skytap Cloud™, Maiorini said, “During our evaluation we did not discover any products that offered the features and functionality that Skytap provides.” He continued, “Skytap provides the capabilities, familiarity of services, and ease of management we were looking for, allowing us to support our requirements while staying true to our strategy and vision.”

At Skytap, we’re seeing our enterprise customers adopting more of a corporate “Don’t Own Stuff” (D.O.S.) philosophy. For Cushman & Wakefield, D.O.S. meant still having all the stuff they need—in the form of virtual desktops leveraging and running development on Skytap virtual machines—without having to manage additional servers, equipment, networking gear, storage, software, and other investments related to the project.

Our goal at Skytap is to give development and test teams a fast, easy, and secure way to create complex computing environments in the cloud. And with Cushman & Wakefield’s adoption of Skytap Cloud, they were able to successfully increase provisioning efficiency and productivity, realize cap-ex savings, and integrate collaboration abilities that allowed them to create identical copies of development and test stacks, and share customer-specific issues and environments. Maiorini also noted that their development and test teams were able to double the number of projects supported in fewer than four months.

If you’d like to learn more about how Cushman & Wakefield uses Skytap Cloud to simplify and expedite provisioning of IT environments for its development and test teams, read the full case study on our site.

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