Development and Test Lab Management Survey Now Available

We’d like to take a minute to introduce an opportunity to take part in a survey that should yield some fascinating results—results that you’ll be provided in a report for free just for participating in the survey! 

voke, a modern analyst firm specializing in application lifecycle innovation, put the survey together and we can’t wait to read the results. There’s no point trying to hide it, we like the folks over at voke a lot, and we recently interviewed their founder, Theresa Lanowitz. Theresa’s take on how to solve age-old problems in the enterprise is an absolute must read/listen.

Theresa is also giving the keynote at this year’s SDLC Acceleration Summit in San Francisco, California on May 13th.

So, if you wouldn’t mind, we would love your input on this survey. More information on what all it covers can be found below as well as a link to the survey. Thank you!

We want to hear about your development and test labs – physical, virtual, or cloud. 

This survey consists of a combination of multiple choice and optional short answer questions to provide you the opportunity to influence our research and the overall market based on your experiences.

The areas of focus for the survey include:

  • Demographics 
  • Release characteristics
  • Accessibility of development and test labs
  • Lab characteristics
  • Use of virtual lab management or Dev/Test clouds (if applicable)
  • Virtual lab adoption (if applicable)
  • Lab tool challenges and benefits (if applicable)
  • ROI and productivity (if applicable)
  • Related tools and technologies
  • Cloud solutions used

All of the data captured is confidential and anonymous. At the conclusion of the survey process, data will be tabulated, aggregated and analyzed to deliver a comprehensive overview. 

Information about receiving a complimentary copy of the report based on this survey is available at the end of the survey.

We hope that you will enjoy taking this survey and sharing your experiences. This survey is conducted by voke, an independent analyst firm. More information about voke is available at

Click here to get started! The survey will take approximately 5-15 minutes to complete depending upon how much of your story you would like to share.

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