Digital transformation is fiction

Digital transformation is the tech industry’s biggest buzzword. It’s also the emptiest. Plastered on marketing materials, embedded in mission statements. But devoid of clarity or prescription. To undergo digital transformation suggests a finite, technology-driven process with clear intent and outcome — this is a fallacy. The often-overlooked truth is that digital transformation isn’t just about technology, and it doesn’t happen in one swift motion. Over the course of my career, I’ve learned first-hand that digital transformation is about people. And it takes time.

In my latest article for Infoworld, I explain:

Implementing technological changes in small, realistic steps allows you to reduce the surface area of the system—thus lowering the risk because the cost of failure is less impactful. This iterative approach provides teams with space to learn and focuses them on delivering specific change that creates tangible value. You’re not “transforming” just for the sake of it—you’re progressing at the pace of your business.

Read more in my Infoworld blog, Candid Cloud.  And if you’re interested in learning how Skytap Cloud can help enable your organization’s own progressive evolution, read our Practitioner’s Guide to Enterprise Application Modernization.

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