Enterprise Networking Planet Picks 10 Networking Newcomers to Watch

In Robert McGarvey’s latest article for Enterprise Networking Planet, he discusses Top 10 Networking Newcomers to Watch, and outlines how beyond the big names like Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM, Brocade, and Alcatel-Lucent–there are smaller, more nimble, enterprise networking companies that are introducing innovation.

From the article:

Software defined networking, virtual networking, virtual desktops, cloud … all these areas are spawning a whole new group of networking companies — some of whom may, at some point, become the next household name.

Cloud also continues to be top-of-mind, said Jim Frey, who pointed to Skytap as a company to watch. Its forte is self-service cloud automation and helping enterprise provision hybrid clouds.

You can read the full article at enterprisenetworkingplanet.com.

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