Get out before you focus on shiny objects

Blockchain. IoT. Deep learning. It can be challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest in tech trends. Even worse, the pressure to implement these headline-grabbing technologies for your own business can be overwhelming. But business leaders must remember an age-old life lesson we’ve all heard: don’t put the cart before the horse.

As the vice president of product at Skytap I constantly reinforce to my customers – and to my own team – that modernization should always be an iterative process. And while taking one step at a time is key, you can’t get distracted by the “buzzword du jour.” More often than not, taking on that new technology won’t be possible until you free yourself from the data center.

In my new article for InfoWorld, I explain:

The big question CIOs ask themselves over and over is “How do I spearhead transformational projects that create value for my company?” Given they’re looking to drive major change, it’s easy to see why CIOs get distracted by the shimmer of shiny tech topics like blockchain, internet of things (IoT), and deep learning, imagining the myriad ways these technologies could be implemented. But when you’re running an enterprise that relies on legacy technology (hint: all enterprises do), you need to understand that most of the applications and data that the shiny objects will rely on are still stuck in the data center.

Read more in my InfoWorld blog, Candid Cloud. And if you’re interested in seeing what Skytap Cloud can do for your business, take this quick guided tour through our capabilities for modernizing traditional applications in the cloud.

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