Hands-on Training: From Lectures to Learning by Doing

As the shift continues from in-person instruction to eLearning course offerings, many learning and development organizations are challenged with maintaining a high level of engagement with their students.

The fact is, hands-on training is often the most effective method of training, but how do you deliver that virtually, at scale, and in the on-demand, self-paced offerings that learners need?

We recently held a webinar with our friends at ServiceRocket to dive deeper into what’s driving this shift to virtual, hands-on training, and how enterprises are responding across the globe. By leveraging Skytap virtual training labs, learning and development organizations are given benefits like easy, on-demand global student access, a reduced burden on IT, and the faster delivery of innovative, complex training offerings.

We invite you to view this webinar, now available on-demand for your viewing pleasure.

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