High Availability Options for IBM i Applications in the Cloud 

Tony Perez, Skytap Cloud Solutions Architect

Looking to run IBM i applications in the cloud while maintaining the strength of your on-premises high availability solutions? This is a common consideration when thinking about moving core legacy business applications like ERP systems running on IBM or AIX to the cloud. These applications tend to be highly customized and are business critical, so your organization may have hesitated on migrating these on-premises workloads to the cloud is a due to a lack of strong High Availability (HA) offerings available for IBM i applications. You may also think that migrating legacy IBM applications to the cloud and refactoring them will not only involve considerable time and risk, but also require you to replace those strong HA options with less mature cloud-native equivalents.  

The good news is that there are solutions that allow your organization to have it both ways. You can run IBM i applications and workloads in the cloud (with all the advantages that entails) without losing those strong HA options. Read my full article here at Networking Computing to learn more about these options.  

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