How to Automate Your Environment Provisioning for Mobile App Development

​Last week, we co-hosted another great webinar with Orasi, one of our outstanding TapIn Partners, and we’re thrilled to now offer this on-demand to anyone who missed it, or even those who attended but who may want to share it with others!

We focused on showing how to provide more complete test coverage for mobile applications in order to overcome the challenges teams face today to deliver quality mobile apps quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Viewing this webinar will give you greater understanding of how to:

  • Automatically create test environments based on development build events
  • Execute mobile app tests on these dynamic mobile environments
  • Collaborate test results with the entire development team
  • Save exact defect states for developers to investigate root causes 

Some great questions came up at the close of the webinar that we, and Orasi, were able to happily answer, including:

Can a Skytap environment connect back to an existing on-premises system?

Can a mobile server deploy to more than one device, and if so, can ALM run tests against all of them?

Are there any limitations on what types of environments you can define in Skytap; can it use any OS?

How do users pay for Skytap; is it on a subscription basis?

We now invite you to view the webinar in its entirety, or even simply view the slides, by clicking here. If you missed attending this webinar live, be sure and look out for future events with Orasi, or any of our amazing technology partners!

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