Introducing Skytap Cloud Private Network Connection for faster data transfers

We live in a digital economy, where data is critical to every organization. In fact, last year The Economist argued that data has superseded oil as the world’s most valuable resource. From healthcare companies analyzing patient preferences to governments correlating population metrics, data is at the heart of just about everything. This statement holds true in the enterprise, as well, where companies need to securely and continuously access, track, share, analyze, move, manage, and store data to fuel innovation.

However, moving large datasets across public Internet connections can be too slow for business demands. Skytap works with hundreds of enterprises on modernizing traditional applications that rely on mission-critical data housed on-premises. We’ve seen first-hand the challenges of moving enterprise information from datacenters to the cloud across Internet-based connections. Today, we’re excited to announce our solution.

Skytap Cloud Private Network Connection

Skytap Cloud Private Network Connection (PNC) creates a dedicated, point-to-point network connection from your datacenter to any Skytap Cloud region. Skytap Cloud PNC delivers high-speed, low latency data transfers that allow customers to bypass Internet-based connections, which often come with subscription fees and unexpected outages. Now, you can migrate data to Skytap Cloud even faster, turbo-charging workflow performance for your most important applications.

How Skytap Cloud PNC Works

Customers can use PNC to configure their private connection individually for each Skytap Cloud environment. This ensures applications that require higher bandwidth or a secure network can communicate back to on-premises resources via PNC, while those that don’t can leverage VPN or Internet connectivity in parallel.

This diagram illustrates how a Skytap Cloud PNC works with your network.

Go here to learn more about PNC and how it works with Skytap Cloud environments. If you’re new to Skytap Cloud, we recommend taking our guided tour to get familiar with our capabilities for modernizing your most important applications in the cloud.

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