Join Skytap CTO Brad Schick at DatacenterDynamics Converged 2013

On Thursday, September 12, Skytap CTO and VP of Engineering, Brad Schick, will be speaking at the DatacenterDynamics Conference in Bellevue. The conference is the world’s largest peer-led data center conference and expo​, and offers attendees the chance to learn the latest strategies and best practices from leading end users and cloud-scale data center operators.

This year the agenda is packed with case studies from end users and industry luminaries, lively panel discussions, and great keynote speakers. The focus will be on key topics like software-defined networking, DCIM, energy implications in cloud-scale operations, next-generation modular data centers, and more.

Brad’s primary talk will be on the topic of Hybrid Apps (not Apes): Why Most Enterprise Applications Will Evolve to the Cloud.

Overview: Complex multi-tier enterprise applications that have been under development for decades assume reliable hardware and typically have dependencies on underlying operating systems, hardware configurations, and network topologies. The boundary between one application or service and another is often fuzzy, with many interdependencies, which shows why the evolution of enterprise apps will be hybrid.

In this session, we will discuss why the evolution of enterprise applications will be hybrid applications that will opportunistically take advantage of cloud-based services.

In addition, Brad will be a member of the Roundtable on The Good, the Bad, and (Possibly) the Ugly of Public Cloud Services, and How Does this Relate to Private Clouds?

Overview: Public cloud implementations bring many benefits to the enterprise, notably agility and relative ease in upscaling or downscaling to meet customer demand. But with the benefits come increased security and data integrity risks. Private clouds offer more security and control, but with those benefits come increased costs. It’s not an easy decision, but one our panel of experts can help unravel.

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