Legacy Apps & Docker: the ContainerJournal Article

Dan Jones in Container Journal on DockerThere’s a lot of opinions out there about containers these days, and maybe not enough practical advice. Here’s a good article out today in ContainerJournal from Skytap’s own Dan Jones:

Dan Jones in ContainerJournal on Docker:
Docker and Legacy Applications: Better Together?

Let’s face it, adoption of containers is happening, and it behooves developers and IT professionals to learn more about Docker as well as other related tools for orchestration, management and deployment in this space (i.e. Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.). However most enterprises will never leave behind their existing legacy applications that handle critical business workflows — we have to bring them forward in a pragmatic way. One size does not fit all — not yet.

I like Dan’s perspectives here because he highlights how constant change is a reality in software and technology in general. Why fight it? Start somewhere, be realistic about where you can and can’t achieve stateless applications, evaluate deployments into Docker for functionality and scale, and most importantly “Have fun with it!”

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