Making the Move to DevOps

​DevOps describes the working relationship between development and operations teams (Dev + Ops) and a method for bringing those two sides together in a more collaborative way. It also includes business stakeholders, who have a vested interest in seeing these two teams successfully build and implement projects. If your company isn’t already taking a DevOps approach, the topic is very likely being discussed in earnest.

For newer, technology-focused companies, DevOps may already be an ingrained practice. But larger, more established companies may face greater challenges in integrating this methodology.

From the article, How an Established Company Can Start Doing DevOps from SiliconAngle:

“Boundary CTO Cliff Moon confirm[s] that not only can established companies take up DevOps but “To some extent they have to,” says Moon. “As more and more of their competitive advantage comes from your online presence, more companies are going to adopt DevOps practices to respond and make changes quickly in response to outages.”

Depending on what role you play at your company, and how established your organization is, your interest in DevOps will vary. But if you want to build on your knowledge, or even ramp up and join the conversation, there are some excellent resources available to you.

Get Your Bearings

DevOps guru Damon Edwards is someone I follow with interest–and someone who is looked to as an expert in improving web operations. Along with Alex Honor and Lee Thompson, he blogs on a site called dev2ops. Here are three of his posts that do a great job of framing DevOps.

A Reading List

Brian Whalley of tracelytics has compiled a DevOps Reading List that includes blogs and books that approach the DevOps topic from different angles.

Join the Conversation

If you want to know who to follow on Twitter to get a feel for the DevOps conversation, you can use this DevOps Twitter List, also compiled by Brian Whalley.

Next week, I’ll share more from pros who have successfully implemented DevOps using the cloud.

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