Meet the Next Generation of Secure Remote Access

As part of our April Skytap Cloud product release, we’re proud to introduce SmartClient™. So, what is SmartClient? In short, it lets customers access Skytap Cloud™ virtual machines using a new browser app, or a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)-capable client, on any device including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Early adopter feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The CTO of one of our customers let us know that “SmartClient delivers an experience above and beyond traditional access,” and a Manager of Application Development said “SmartClient gives us increased flexibility and performance which translates into a real advantage for our staff to develop the applications we need to support business critical processes.” Customers also love the new UI. Our team couldn’t be happier.

In working with our customers, we learned that sales professionals really wanted to be able to perform demos of their software in full-screen mode. With SmartClient, they are now going to full-screen mode—and while staying in full screen mode—are switching between VMs. Technical trainers wanted an over-the-shoulder view—i.e., when two people using different computers/browsers look at and interact with the same VM at the same time. And our engineers made it happen.

If you have questions or comments on SmartClient, we’d like to hear from you—or join the discussion on Twitter. And if you’ll be in Las Vegas for Interop on May 8-10, stop by booth #509 to discuss the cloud or to see a demo of SmartClient for yourself.

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