Modern Accountability in Multi-Cloud Management

Enterprises aren’t just adopting cloud at an accelerated rate, recent surveys have shown that multi-cloud adoption is becoming the new standard. With no one-size-fits-all cloud provider in the market, and each vendor becoming increasingly known for a single or set of unique strengths, it makes sense that multi-cloud approaches are taking off.

Skytap CTO, Brad Schick

Skytap CTO, Brad Schick, will be diving deeper into this topic at the Las Vegas 2017 Better Software West on Thursday, June 8th, at 1:30 PM. “The Rise of the Purpose-driven Multi-Cloud” will cover:

Cloud, mobile, and social media are driving demand for new applications to meet ever-changing business process capabilities. As a result, more enterprises are breathing new life into traditional applications to support richer scenarios and help meet user and market expectations. Learn why building a portfolio of purpose-driven clouds that work together is the first step in establishing a more intelligent multi-cloud approach. By using the right platform for the right workload, enterprises can cut costs, increase overall performance and efficiency, and consistently deliver features that support business needs.

Brad will also go into how as enterprises work to determine which cloud(s) are right for various workloads, and then make those migrations, a new challenge arises around, “How are we going to manage all this?” One opinion is that DevOps’ approach to accountability and team structure may be the key.

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