NetworkWorld Hot Product: Skytap Virtual Private PaaS with Cloud Foundry v2

​This week during VMworld we saw the best and brightest in virtualization and cloud computing descend on the city of San Francisco. It was a mix of IT technical professionals and IT business decision-makers from organizations of all sizes, representing a wide range of industries.

On the first day of the conference, NetworkWorld released its list of the hottest products from VMworld, and we’re proud to say that Skytap Cloud made the list with our virtual private PaaS offering. It consists of a pre-configured template that empowers enterprise development and test teams to deploy Cloud Foundry v2. We were in good company with new products from companies like Dell, Veeam, and Ravello also making the list.

More about our virtual private PaaS with Cloud Foundry v2:

The template includes the following virtual machines:

  • A Cloud Foundry v2 node pre-configured with the Cloud Foundry v2 command line interface (CLI), a defined organization, spaces, domain, and a running application.
  • A Cloud Foundry v2 client VM with the Cloud Foundry v2 CLI installed, the sample application that has been pre-configured for a successful push to the Cloud Foundry v2 node, and an instance of the Eclipse IDE with the Spring Tool Suite plugin installed and the Cloud Foundry v2 IDE plugin.

The template is available in all Skytap regions, including the region associated with the free trials of Skytap Cloud, and can be used by customers to create and configure their own Cloud Foundry v2 environment.

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