New Video Demo: Continuous Integration and Cloud IaaS with Skytap

​Most of our enterprise dev/test customers are either well underway, or embarking on some form of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery strategy to better automate the deployment of code changes and software updates at each phase of the development lifecycle. Common tooling choices here include Jenkins, Microsoft TFS, UrbanCode, CA Application Delivery, and many others.

Many are also looking to cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from vendors like Amazon EC2/AWS, Azure or Softlayer as a way to elastically meet these deployment needs with on-demand computing capacity with potential cost savings. While it is rather easy to store and copy individual VMs or server images in these resources, they lack the automation to react to CI deployment scripts on-demand without some serious manual preparation.

In between these compelling approaches there is still a disconnect. Enterprises by nature have very complex architectures that must be represented in CI deployments, but in most cases the entire stack is not readily available in an accurate, refreshed and ready state. Attempts to make deployment and release more agile still fall down when faced with the hurdle of provisioning and configuring a new environment at each stage. Fail to get that reference architecture right, including networks, IP settings, clusters, load balancers, etc., and you lose the ability to genuinely validate and test that the deployment was successful with any certainty.

This is where Skytap excels, and why this “mid-deep-dive 3-minute demo” version brings you a Continuous Cloud solution by helping your CI solutions reach delivery onto cloud in a truly automated fashion, by managing Environments-as-a-Service. Watch the 3-Minute video demo here:

Of course, if you are just getting started with Skytap, we highly suggest first watching our most recent “Skytap EaaS 3-Minute Overview” video. We welcome your feedback on these programs, as well as your galactic topics of interest, so we can prioritize making more fun videos in the future.

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