Partner Spotlight: QA Consultants (QAC) and Skytap

Today’s partner spotlight comes to us from QA Consultants (QAC), a firm that is 100% dedicated to providing software testing services for their customers. You may have noticed today’s Partner Announcement with QAC. There is a great deal of in-house expertise in their Toronto, Canada center of excellence as well as their satellite offices, and Skytap provides them a new way to rapidly provision, share and debug complete application environments from several data centers in North America and globally, as projects demand.

QAC Partner Ian Ballard joined our own Noel Wurst for this interview, and he provides a very concise and clear review of the benefits their customers can receive by leveraging Skytap as a medium for importing complete dev/test environments on demand, and rapidly collaborating on testing:

Thanks to the team at QAC, and here’s to future success in making application testing cycles faster, more efficient, and most importantly delivering software into production with the highest quality levels!

View the original post of the press release on the QA Consultants, Inc. site here:




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