Power and Terraform Enhancements

I’m excited to share two new updates for the Skytap Platform today. They improve our customers’ ability to manage large IBM Power workloads and add more features to our Terraform provider.

Skytap was the first to enable Power workloads to run in the cloud. Since IBM designed the platform for on-premises this has been no easy task. We work closely with our customers to understand how they want to run their workloads in the cloud and as a result, we’re continually expanding the feature set and capabilities.

I’m a huge fan of Terraform, and in my opinion, it’s the de facto standard for Infrastructure as Code.

Terraform Provider Enhancements v2

We’ve been getting a stream of enhancement requests from some of our notable customers who have been using the existing Terraform Provider that we released in January of 2018. We’ve added the following capabilities as of January 2020:

You can find the updated documentation here: https://www.terraform.io/docs/providers/skytap/

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