Rational Tools now available on Skytap for IBMi customers

IBM i customers on Skytap who run development and test workloads or those who require compilers for their applications when moving to Skytap can now license the Rational Development Tools package self-service from the Skytap Hardware Settings page, Licensing section.

Clicking on the Edit icon, users can now specify how many users they’d like to license for that  LPAR.

Billing will not begin until you click Save and then start the LPAR. Because the Rational Tools package is licensed per user, per VM, per month, Skytap will record the peak number of users for the month and bill you accordingly. You can change this number at any time but only the highest number for the month counts.


Here are the compilers and software that are provided as part of this package:


  • Rational Development Studio (5770-WDS)
    • One each of the three features:
      • ILE compilers
      • Heritage compilers
      • ADTS
    • Rational Developer for i (5733-RDW)
      • Basic RPG and COBOL User


We’re excited to see how this new feature helps our customers develop IBM i applications in the cloud. Skytap is constantly listening to our customers to help guide the development of new features and tools that help them get more work done and get better value from Skytap.

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