Running a Successful Cloud Trial

Once you’ve made the critical decision that it’s time to partner with a cloud service provider, you will want to test the product with a trial. And to get prepared for the trial itself, there are several best practices that teams can implement. Things like setting your success criteria up front, putting together a schedule of milestones, and setting checkpoint meetings for all key team members.

In a previous series, Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider, Alex Burreson covered the top 5 questions to ask when investigating a cloud vendor before starting a trial. They include:

  1. Identifying Your Requirements
  2. Setting the Baseline: Compatibility and Cost
  3. Establishing a Technical Fit
  4. Asking Use Case-Specific Questions
  5. Scoping the Pricing Conversation

There are similar best practices to consider in the trial phase, all of which are described by use case in the following blogs:

Development and Test: 3 Habits for Running a Successful Cloud Trial

Virtual Training: How to Run a Successful Cloud Trial

Software Demos and Evaluations: 3 Habits for Running a Successful Cloud Trial

Companies that prepare for a trial have the highest chances for success—ensuring that no blockers come up when it’s time to go. And while running a cloud trial may be a little more involved than you originally imagined, it’s well worth the time.

If you plan well and get everyone on board from the start, you can almost guarantee a successful trial that will help you choose a cloud provider to fully adopt into your organizational framework.

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