Security and Compliance in the Cloud Matters

You don’t have to search at length to find articles that highlight conferences, panel discussions, and reports on the topic of cloud security. The topic is everywhere for a reason—security and compliance in the cloud matters. And at Skytap, we believe in making our security and compliance measures transparent to our existing customers, and to those considering Skytap.

We deliver a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure-as-a-service for IBM Power and x86 workloads. Enterprises use Skytap for production workloads, dev/test, disaster recovery and training/demo virtual labs.To provide end-to-end security and privacy, Skytap builds and operates services in accordance with known security best practices, provides security features in those services, and provides comprehensive documentation. Skytap customers use these features and best practices to architect a secure environment for their applications.

One of the biggest—if not the biggest—barriers to cloud adoption is security. However, security itself isn’t the only blocker. It’s also the customer’s comfort level moving to the cloud. So it boils down to the customer trusting their applications, their data, and in many cases, their own customers with the cloud vendor that they choose. Many of our customers use Skytap as a supplement to their IT department. Knowing this, the more transparency we can provide into our architecture, the better. You can download our Security and Compliance white paper or check out the Security section of the Skytap Well-Architected Framework to learn more. 

If you’d like to speak to a cloud computing expert about security and compliance in Skytap, please get in touch.

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