Skytap CEO: “Let’s Build a Successful Business” as Enterprises Begin Shift to the Cloud


​Rachel Lerman at the Puget Sound Business Journal recently sat down with our CEO, Thor Culverhouse, to discuss the current shift of enterprise software to the cloud, and how this is setting up Skytap for “massive growth”—her words, not ours—but we’ll take it!

Thor provided Rachel with the areas that our business has grown, but he also gave a great example why the growth has been so “massive” recently, and why Skytap “is on track to continue doubling its revenue for at least the next two years.” 

Culverhose remarked, “More than half of the hardware enterprises buy is dedicated to testing…That’s costly and the hardware is often underutilized.” As enterprises begin to shift their environments to the cloud, one of the first areas they start with are those focused around development and testing. Lerman writes, “Skytap’s product mimics computer environments for any use, so engineers can develop and test their programs before they go live. She goes on to note:

As more enterprises begin using cloud infrastructures, Skytap will be a valuable asset — it helps companies seamlessly use their systems in the cloud without having to rebuild their entire systems. It also benefits cloud companies such as AWS and VMware because it helps their clients move to the cloud.

Read Rachel’s full column over at the TechFlash segment of the Puget Sound Business Journal.

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