Skytap to Detail App Modernization Success at CoreOS Fest

CoreOS Fest 2017 is right around the corner, and Skytap has been invited to present alongside some of today’s biggest names in software.

While speakers from the likes of Google, Kubernetes, Concur, Adobe, and others will dive deep into what CoreOS describes as “the technology that will drive app dev and delivery for the next decade,” Skytap will be there to answer, “How in the world do we even begin to adopt such a transformative shift?”

On Thursday, June 1st, at 1 pm PT, Skytap principal software engineer Petr Novdvorskiy and director of product management, Dan Jones will present, “Contain Yourself: Incremental Adoption of App Modernization.” In this talk, Petr and Dan will detail how an incremental approach to introducing containerization through Kubernetes and Docker into distributed applications offers less risk, more reward, and helps build a culture of trust among teams.

“Of course modernizing software is a technology challenge, but it’s not the only challenge,” says, Jones. “There are others around preparing your teams for the changes that are coming to the technology, processes, and even the toolsets that your teams might be familiar with. We’re not only going to show what some of these technologies look like but how mentorship has kept our teams at Skytap comfortable on our own app modernization journey.”

If you’re attending CoreOS Fest 2017, we highly recommend checking out what will be an awesome session full of proven strategies around maintaining the successful adoption of containerization and other app modernization efforts. Key takeaways include:

  • How to enable containers and existing legacy services and applications to communicate with one another
  • Workflow and methodology changes required for intelligent container management, better hardware utilization, and increased flexibility
  • How to improve performance metrics of your service container by optimizing routine admin tasks

Contain Yourself: Incremental Adoption of App Modernization
CoreOS Fest: San Francisco, CA
Thursday, June 1st, 1:00 PM
Speakers: Petr Novodvorskiy & Dan Jones

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