New Skytap provider gem for Vagrant: Demo Up!

As the next step of Skytap’s continuing commitment to supporting developers through integration with open source tools and software, Skytap today announced new capabilities with Vagrant to provide management of Skytap environments through your local Vagrant client.

Authentication, creation, management, destruction, and even sharing of your Skytap environments can all be controlled through standard Vagrant command line options. With Skytap VPN connectivity, you can securely share synced folders between your local client and your Skytap VM, and with the Skytap generated Vagrant files for environments, you can download pre-made Vagrantfiles for any environment you create or have created.

Instructions on getting started with Skytap Vagrant plugin can be found in the Skytap help pages, as well as a list of the supported Vagrant commands.

Watch the walkthrough below, and then get your Vagrant on!

The new Skytap Vagrant plugin provides a common interface for all your Vagrant resources, plus compatibility with the dependencies current Vagrantfiles. Taking advantage of Vagrant’s ability to provide discretely defined systems combined with Skytap’s ability to rapidly clone full systems provides a fast, simplified way of managing on-demand environments.

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